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I don't feel like we've got to do nothin'

Quarantine day 14. Isolation day 16.

We've been handling the stay at home order as best as anyone can. We've come to a sort of routine. We listen to the morning news and weep over our coffee. Gear up in full hazmat gear for a cigarette runs. And cleaning. Oh my god, the cleaning. Since the coronavirus has hit the area my husband has started cleaning the groceries before they come into the house the same way he cleans the supplies when they are first delivered to the shop... But I am very grateful. I am grateful for our music, our art, our crafts.

I've busied myself making masks this week. Not for sale - for immediate family only. I ran into a devastating elastic shortage, but my girlfriend came to the rescue and solved that problem for me (THANK YOU). I find this is a good way to keep my mind and my hands busy. I think this is going to be the new norm - wearing masks I mean. So I might as well be prepared and in fashion!

Gallo has been going to the shop daily to make sure it stays clean and to work out. He misses tattooing:( On top of playing his guitar, he's been drawing every day. And shaking his inks. Very important. The inks need to be shaken so they don't harden. And just a few days ago we discovered the amazing Depew Park right in our own neighborhood here in Peekskill. This place is amazing and we haven't even hit the walking trails yet!

Here's a little song to keep you entertained, it's called "Rain Roll In" by Eilene Jewel. Remember, stay in. Keep yourself occupied. Stay strong. Stay sane.

~peace love and hair grease.

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Do you have any stories to share? Photos? (seriously, please share photos) Your first Gallo experience? Because let’s be real, Gallo is an experience like none other, and I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife. Let’s hear from you!

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