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Man Sick?

This past week has been absolutely crazy, right? Everything is closed and the empty streets of Manhattan are unreal, it’s straight out of a movie.

My allergies hit me full force this year thanks to the early-ish spring we’re having. Since coronavirus has been the only conversation recently, I get death stares at the slightest sniffle and a sneeze? I thought there was going to be a fight. Needless to say, I’ve been over-medicating to keep my allergies at bay. Last week, my husband's allergies flared up, and yes, he gets them pretty bad. In the two days it took for the allergy medicine to kick in we took four temperature readings (all normal), made out his final will and testament, determined the best location for him to lie down so the medics could wheel him out easily when he died, who’s going to get his bike, and possible candidates for my next husband. Yes, my husband has Man Allergies. This occurs in most men. There’s also the better known Man Flu, Man Sick, and Man Cold. These are all variations of the same thing. I know most of you ladies know exactly what I’m talking about. The symptoms are similar to any other allergy, cold or flu. But a thousand times worse. Pray for me, people.

A lesser-known fact I’ve observed in the tattoo business is something I call Man Pain. This occurs when a big dude is getting tattooed and cries like a little girl at the slightest touch (surprisingly, my husband does not exhibit signs of Man Pain). Yet a petite little 100-lb woman can chill for 3-hours in the chair like it’s (almost) nothing.

Does Man Pain really exist? If you ask me, I would absolutely say “yes”. But apparently this is not quite accurate. Of course, pain is subjective and always dependant on the location, size, etc. “Women feel pain more intensely than men, therefore having a lower threshold for pain; HOWEVER, women do bear the pain in a much more internalized manner giving the impression that they feel less pain...tolerate it better.” Apr 21, 2017, Inked Mag. There you go ladies, we hurt more and bitch less. This should be my new motto - hurt more, bitch less. Remember, it only hurts once.

For those of you that need a little "fix" during this pandemic, listen to this video of Gallo tattooing.

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